With this selection of products we propose you to get closer in a different way to the Fernando García Herrera artwork. So you can find different artwork items designed by the Cordovan painter, such as T-shirts, hygienic anti-covid19 facemasks or its fine silk scarves (both manufactured in Spain). However, you will find much more of the Arteherrera universe and we recommend, first of all, a tour through the works of Herrera, page by page... The "Compendium" book contains all his creations from 2011 to 2016, period in which is born and consolidate his particular style of painting : Contemporary Realism, mixing ballpoint pen drawing with oil painting. This limited edition is numbered of 300 copies. On the one hand an introduction by Frigdiano Álvaro Durántez Prados, Doctor Europeus and on the other hand, the technical part, written by Begoña Ortiz, Degree in Fine Arts, describing us masterfully the technique and mastery of the author. A jewel only suitable for art lovers. In addition, you will also find painting supplies designed exclusively by Fernando García Herrera. In particular, you can purchase palettes or "tientos", essential elements in any art studio. The palettes are designed by the Cordovan painter, handmade in premium oak, cedar or chestnut tree wood and finished with linseed oil. The "tiento" is to steady the hand when painting or drawing. All of them according to the design of the painter himself, both handmade and under the guidance of past centuries. Do you want to discover all these articles? Don't miss Arteherrera's merchandising! Use the online HTML, CSS, JavaScript tool collection to make websites easily.

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