Original artwork

In Arteherrera you will discover the Fernando García Herreras' Cordovan painter universe through his original artworks, you can also acquire through this platform.

Fernandos' work is included in a new concept called by himself as : "Contemporary Realism", in which he faithfully captures in huge sizes, wildlife, both bullfighting and equestrian worlds, nature or cinegetic, among other motifs. It was a special interest and a continuous search of new ways of using materials and pictorical expressions which leaded him to his own style. Contemporary Realism is characterized by ballpoint pen drawing, directly onto the wood panel or the canvas and, in order to create subtle nuances, using oil paint. Ballpoint pen and oil paint, two materials which have always been there along all his career and, mixed together, create the astonishing works you can find in this Arteherrera platform gallery.

The big size paintings, in which the Cordovan painter is now focused, is born from a series of private commissions for large private pavillions. From there, emerged an idea : Why not amaze the public with these formats ? Why not let yourself fascinated by, for example, the details of a wildlife leaded to a giant-scale ?

In this art gallery you will find available works to shop, as well as others which have already been purchased ; but you can order from this platform, writing to estudio@arteherrera.es

If you are interested in another sizes, in Arteherrera you have at your disposal Fernando García Herrera 's canvas prints, as well as high quality prints and engravings.

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