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Fernando García Herrera painter

Fernando García Herrera painter
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Reality brought to canvas in a conceptual and contemporary way, his works are
characterized by the simplicity of exhaustive pen drawing on backgrounds of atmospheric
textures full of mystery, visual spaces with their own expressive character and perfectly
recognizable, combined with the touch of Subtle color in certain areas of the work.
Herrera and his so-called contemporary realism technique are the fusion of the flavor of
ancient engraving and contemporary art. An exhibition composed of large-format pieces
with Herrera's exclusive and unique technique.

Fernando García Herrera discovers his passion for painting when he was only eight
years old. This early interest in painting led him to begin his academic training in
Madrid, specifically at the San Fernando Art School. Fernando is especially known as an
animal painter. In 1984 he settled in the capital of Córdoba and completed his studies
at the Mateo Inurria Art School, in 1995 he entered the workshop of José A. Castro
Cadenas, where he studied and delved into engraving procedures.

Shaikh Jassim bin Hamad binKhalifa Al Thani, Qatar

Shaikh Jassim bin Hamad bin
Khalifa Al Thani, Qatar

All these steps, added to his continuous research in the pictorial medium, lead him to
create a new concept: Contemporary Realism. Through this style, Fernando García
Herrera creates large realistic images by meticulously drawing with a pen on abstract
textures, and then finishing them in oil paint very subtly in specific parts of the work. A
technique that has become his personal hallmark and that he now transmits to the
students of his painting workshops in Spain, Mexico and Qatar.
His work is a collection of species of Iberian and African fauna. He also frequently
addresses other themes, such as architecture, sculpture, the bullfighting world, hunting
or portraiture, among others.
Since 1985, Fernando García Herrera has exhibited in Spain, France, Portugal and the
USA, participating in numerous national and international fairs, group and individual

Exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, France, USA,
Germany, Belgium, Italy, Singapore, South
Africa, México.
• Bulevar Hall, (Córdoba, 1985)
• Cajasur Room (Córdoba 1988,1996)
• Spanish Animalist Painters (Gaudí Art Gallery, Madrid, 2000)
• Country Show (Paris, 1997)
• Coello De Portugal Gallery (Madrid, Permanent)
• Venatoria Hunters Hall (Madrid, 1999-2014)
• Intercaza (Córdoba, 1998-2010)
• Fercatur (Ciudad Real, 2003-2005)
• Diana Viaji Room (Madrid, 2004)
• Art 21 International Fair (Las Vegas, USA, 2000)
• International Art Promotion Gallery (Tarrasa, Barcelona, 2003)
• Expocaza (Santarém, Portugal, 2000-2004/08)
• Arche de Noé Gallery (Nancay, France 1999)
• International Festival of L'Art Animalier (La Sologne, France, 1999)
• SICAB International Horse Show (Seville, 2001)
• L’Art Animalier International Festival (Warsaw, Poland, 1999)
• Palacio de la Merced (Córdoba, 2000)
• Cajasur Exhibition Hall (Madrid, 1992)
• Ecumad Horse Fair (Madrid, 2001). Arte 21 Gallery (Córdoba, 1999)
• FIVAC (Valencia, 1995)
• Ibertoro (Zaragoza, 2001)
• Maravia Gallery, Bullfighting (Córdoba, 2005)
• Ibercaza (Ifeja, Jaén 2008)
• G Casino Jerezano (Jerez De La Frontera, 2007)
• Cafe-rest. Picú (Córdoba 2007)
• Maravia Gallery, Cosmopoética (Córdoba, 2007)
• 4th Birds Of America, Francesca Anderson Gallery (Lexington, Massachusetts. USA, 2007/ 2010)
• Birds In Art 2005, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum (Wausau, Wisconsin, 2005)
• Bennington Center Of The Arts, Art Of The Animal Kingdom X (Vermont, Arizona, 2005)
• Permanent Exhibition At Call Of Africa Native Visions Gallery, Fort Lauderdale (Miami-Florida. 2013-2014)
• IFEMA Madrid Exhibition 199-2023 International Safari Fair.
• Exhibition European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM) Mimesis

. Exhibition International Arabian Horse Festival, Gallery art in Katara, Doha. Qatar 2024

Private collections,
public and awards
• Brown Bear Foundation (Oviedo)
• Jose M. Blanc Foundation (Avila)
• Social and cultural work Cajasur (Córdoba)
• Hunting and Conservation Foundation (Ciudad Real)
• Exmo. Archidona Town Hall (Málaga)
• Award for best animal painter at the L’ART ANIMALIER International Festival (Sologne, France- 1999)
• Selected finalist for the Gaudí Watercolor Prize (Córdoba, 1998)
• Sports Painting Finalist MARCA Newspaper (Madrid 2006)
• 14 paintings of the Via Crucis, Parish Nª.Sª. of Hope, Córdoba. Spain
• Special print runs for: SEUR, Noriega, Quiter, NH Hoteles, Spanish Hunting Federation
• Taberna la Montillana, Córdoba, acquired in 2009 the largest work painted by Herrera, titled “Picador”, oil on panel measuring 400 x 250 cm
• Landela Lodge, Roc Safaris, South Africa. Private collection and decoration of the Lodge
• Portraits of Ortega y Gasset and Manolete, “Casa Monolete” Bistro Restaurant (2019 Cordoba, Spain)
• Monteria Art and Culture Award 2019 Spain
• Carmons Plains, Australia Wide Safaris. Private collection.
• Official Portrait of Governor Martín Orozco Sandoval. Gabierno
Palace Aguascalientes, Mexico.
• Winner of the International Painting Contest organized by the Spanish army to celebrate its centenary Technique: Contemporary realism Canvas on stretcher, 162cm x 91cm. (Spain, 2020)
• Bullfighter Obra Oro Negro one of the most emblematic
bullfighting works (210X210cm) Guanajuato, Mexico. Private Collection (2021)
• First Work on the Mexican Charrería, Governor Diego Sinhue (2023)
• Lince, Large work public space, La Arruzafa Ophthalmological
Private colection Shaikh Jassim bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, Qatar