painted canvases

In this section you will find the collection of canvases worked on by Herrera. That is, the reproductions on cotton canvas are retouched with oil and iridescent inks (gold), creating greater contrast and lights. Since they are intervened, these canvases are considered Original Works, which are based on a high-quality digital print and differ from a “pure” original work in that the latter is born from a blank canvas and therefore its cost is also very different. Likewise, we offer you to get each of these pieces in different formats. The first option available is to purchase only the canvas. This canvas is made of the highest quality cotton and is printed with special inks that give it extraordinary resistance over time. Finally, a UV varnish has been applied. As a second option, you can receive at home the reproduction of the painting you choose mounted on a frame, manufactured with great care by our artisans using wedges and 5 x 2 centimeters cured wood profiles. Finally, we can also frame the reproduction you want. In this option, the molding is hand-varnished with two color mixtures, making it even more artisanal and exclusive. As it could not be otherwise and, to guarantee the authenticity of these reproductions of paintings, each and every one will be signed by Fernando García Herrera.

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